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We offer full house removals as well as single item or a few boxes moves. Contact us for a free moving quote. We do UK to France and the other way around.

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Would you like to add extra protection to you goods? We offer full house or fragile packing services. No damages guaranteed!

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Do you need removals to France and storage until you have found a house or an apartment. We offer storage in the UK and in France.

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Do you need to move just a few boxes from the UK to France? We offer excess baggage removals, 1 box or 10 boxes delivery at affordable rates..

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We move any type of furniture - 3.seater sofa, armchair, bookcase, double bed, wardrobe, dresser, table, chairs, piano, fridge, freezer...

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Some furniture like double beds, wardrobes or sofas need to be taken apart. We offer both furniture dismantling and reassembly.

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We offer cheap removals to France from the UK as well as furniture transport from France to the UK - fast, professional and reliable.


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France is very close to the UK and shipping is a very simple process. We offer shared as well as full 20ft and 40ft container shipping.


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Take advantage of our packers and movers. All our removal men are trained in packing for international removals.


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Our UK to France removals are also available to businesses. On a regular basis we provide pallet delivery to France from the UK.

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House Removals FAQ

If you are moving house, it will be better for you to learn from the experience of others rather than repeating their mistakes. One of the ways of avoiding pitfalls and errors when you are moving house content to France to find answers to some of the issues worrying you. Below are frequently asked questions from our previous clients or prospective clients. You will find them helpful if you are planning a house removals to France from the UK. Take time to go through them, they will enable you to have a successful house removal project.

Is there any house removal checklist to enable me prepare very well?

Yes, our UK to France moving experts have done extensive research on the house removal process and came out with a comprehensive checklist. Check our download and guides sections, you will find the checklist there very useful. You can also phone us for advice and tips.

When should I book a UK removal company to France?
It is recommendable that you book Removal Company weeks in advance. Experts recommend that you start your search for a reliable removal company to France from the UK and book one as soon as a date has been fixed for your house removal project. However, if you have emergency that warrants you to move house immediately, you can still make ad hoc arrangement and get a removal firm to handle the project for you.

How do I find a reliable removal company?

Indeed, there are numerous removal companies nowadays and finding a reliable and reputable and cheap furniture movers to France from UK may be difficult and daunting for some people. But there are some indices to look out when searching for a removal company. A reliable international removal company should be insured, registered with a professional body such as BAR or FIDI and should offer all round service. Look for a company that has these attributes.

Is the costs of a removal job the same with all removal companies?

When it comes to removal costs to France from UK, each company is unique. However, there are a number of factors that removal companies consider before they give their moving quotes. Some of these factors are accessibility of both current and new house, the distance to be covered, the weight and volume of items to be removed, the weather condition and the likes. Cheap Removal companies first consider these factors and then prepare their quotes to transport your boxes and furniture to France. However, there is set rate for hourly jobs which are common among small man and van companies.

Do I need to get multiple quotes or just make due with one?

Yes, it is advisable that you compare removals to France and get a few quotes from three or four cheap movers. Getting quotes from various home moving companies is like shopping around and it is only when you get quotes from various companies that you will be able to tell whether a company is charging more or less. It is a veritable means of getting the best deal on your house moving project. Besides, it will also help you to avoid any disappointment. If the company you want to use fails, you can fall back on another company. You don't lose anything by getting as many quotes as possible. This is because removal companies offer quotes for free. Compare removals to France and get best deals available.

What are the necessary questions to ask before asking for a quote?

Ask how long the company has been into removal to France business (the company's history). Find out if they provide goods in transit insurance coverage for the properties in their possession and to what extent. This means that you should find out what is covered and when by the insurance. Ask if there is any excess. Note! If you will require more coverage, then you have to find out if your household insurance policy already provided for what you are looking for. Other questions to ask are:

  • When will the van arrive? How long does it take for loading to be completed?
  • Do they outsource any of their services or carry out all works by themselves?
  • Are there references you can contact?
  • Does the company belong to any removal industry organization like BAR or Guild of Removers?
  • Are there any hidden charges in the quote?

What are the questions the removal company will ask me?

  • When do you want to move boxes and furniture to France?
  • Where is your current house? Where is your new house?
  • What is the access like at both locations? Is there enough parking space or any parking limitation for removal lorries?
  • Are there new owners relocating to the same location on the same day with you?
  • Does your removals to France include a wardrobe, 3-seater sofa, bookcase, armchair, dining table, chairs, side tables, fridge, freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer, cooker, oven, double bed, chest of drawers, paintings, grandfather clock, garden furniture, shed, attic, cellar, pantry or garage items, tools etc?
  • Do you have any special items that will require special handling - disconnection, dismantling, fragile packing, special moving equipment?
  • Will you do the packing by yourself or you will require a packing service?
  • Will you require packing boxes?

What is included in the removal cost to France?

Normally, you are charged for the removal van to France from UK or truck, the transportation cost and service of the removal team. However, professional and experience removal companies like ours tailor our moving services to meet the need of our clients. So, our UK to France removal cost includes the services our clients ordered for. We offer wide range of removal related services such as packing and unpacking services, storage services, loading and unloading service, collection services, house-to-house delivery and the likes. What are included in your moving costs depend on the services you want. But we also offer discount to clients that hire us for many services. Give us a call a we will tell you how much is removals to France.

How is the cost of a home removal calculated?

As it was mentioned above, there are a number of factors that are considered before quotes are given. Our UK to France removals experts will calculate your home furniture removal cost by calculating the distance to be covered, loading and unloading time, the weight and volume of items to be removed, the labour cost, the types of vehicles to be used for the removal, weather condition, parking cost, restrictions on driving hours and other services rendered. We offer cheap man and van to France from UK.

Do you offer other removal related services?

Yes, we customize our services to suit the needs of our clients. We offer furniture dismantling and reassembly, house cleaning, skip hire, decluttering, packing boxes supply, door to door removals to France by road, sea, air and rail.

Do you remove any household items including musical equipment?

Yes, we do offer any type of domestic and household goods removals to France from the UK including piano and other musical equipment. We have both the manpower and equipment to remove any shape and size of piano in your home. We offer man and van removals which include moving sofas, beds, chest of drawers, dining table, chairs, armchair, safe, grandfather clock, office desks, computers, bookcase, garden furniture, washing machine, oven, dishwasher and more.

Who do I need to inform when I am preparing to move house?

There are a number of persons and organizations such as your local council authority, neighbours, friends, colleague, telephone and broadband companies, utility service providers etc that you should inform about your plan to move house. You will find detailed information about this from our house removal checklist.

Can I move house with my pet?

Yes, we have carriers for animals. Whether you are moving pets like cat and dog or security dogs, we can handle that for you. However, you may be charged for this service.

How long will it take for the house removal services to be completed?

It all depends on the distance to be covered, traffic condition at the time and weather condition. Most of our vans move at a maximum speed of 56Mph. So, if you are moving to a far place, it will take longer time. Some locations may take few hours while some may take a day. There are locations that may take more than a day before delivery. However, we will make every effort to get to the final destination on or before scheduled. This is why we don't have history of delays in our records. The delivery time from the UK to France will be provided on the quote and discussed with you.

What happens if the delivery cannot be made within 24 hours?

If you are moving boxes and furniture to France, your goods may not be delivered on the same day. You have to discuss and confirm the logistics of the journey with your mover so that you will be sure when the removal vehicle will arrive. But remember that heavy trucks move slower than other vehicles and it will take more time to arrive for a big lorry. You will probably get there before the vehicle. So, you should also take such factors into consideration. Cheap removals to France from London, Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Aberdeen, Cardiff, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Brighton and from other UK cities will advise you on the delivery time.

Will a man and van service be enough for a small or medium size removals?

UK to France Man and van removals service may be all you will need for a small or medium size home move. However, the quantity of items you are moving will matter a lot. If you have numerous properties that will be too many to be put in van, then you have to look for a removal company that has larger vehicle. If you are making use of man and van services, then you have to ensure that the company is insured and also registered with a professional organization like British Association of Removers and (BAR) and others. Many people have been disappointed on the removal day by man and van companies. So, you have to be sure that you are dealing with a reliable UK to France moving company.

Do you offer international house removal services to France and from France?

Yes, we offer international house removal services across Europe and other countries of the world. We have outlets in various parts of Europe especially France. But if you are moving outside Europe, we can arrange with an international remover company at your final destination to deliver and unpack your items in your new home for you. We have been into this business and thus we know reliable international removers and so, we will only arrange with a reliable company to offer the services to you.

How does a storage container look like?

The industry standard storage container is 7x5x8 feet tall. It is normally made from timber. One container of such dimension can contain 250 cubic feet worth of different types of items. Your items are first packed inside these containers before they are sealed and loaded unto the removal van. They are no longer opened or handled again until the van arrives at the final destination. In this way, the risk of damaging your goods will be reduced. We also offer 20ft container removals to France as well as 40ft container removals to Paris.

How do I make payment for the removal services?

We have various payment options. You can make payment through cheque, BACS, debit or credit cards. However, payment is made after the acceptance of quote and before or on the morning of the removal day. But, in case you have specific need, you should discuss with the management team. They will see what to do in order to accommodate you.

How do I make payment for removals and storage?

You can pay for storage service via the same means you used in paying for removal service.

How is the storage service charge calculated?

We provide a quote for weekly storage cost. When your items are placed in your storage container, they are loaded and kept secure in the storage facility. The cost for the service is calculated on even monthly cost.

Am I allowed to access my goods in the storage?

You may be allowed to access your items. However, before you can be allowed access to the item, you have to inform the storage facility at least two days ahead before coming to access your property. This is because in containerized storage, your items are kept in sealed containers which are stored in a warehouse together with other containers. So, if you notify the management on time, arrangement will be made for you to access the items. However, it is a different thing with self-storage. In this type of storage units, you will be allowed to access your items on 24/7 basis depending on the requirements of the facility. However, the problem with self-storage is that it is more expensive than containerized storage. Contact us for cheap removals and storage to France from UK.

Do you offer self-storage services?

Yes, we offer self-storage services but not in all the UK or France.. We have a well built and equipped storage facility. There are different sizes of units in our storage facility. If you want storage units with temperature controlled features, we will provide them for you. Our self-storage facility is also well secured with both human security and different kinds of surveillance systems. Our self-storage services are most suitable for clients that have a need to access their properties on regular basis during storage.  However, it will cost you more money than containerized storage.

Are my items covered?

This depends on the removal company. But for our clients, their items are covered during removal and storage on request. Your properties will be covered by insurance up to £5,000 per container during storage and £50,000 per van during removal to France. Go through the terms and conditions of our insurance policies to ensure that you understand all of them before you make any commitment.

Can I move any item?

No, there are some items that we do not move. We do not transport gases as well as flammable liquids regardless of the container they are stored in. We are not into the removal or transportation of firearms, drugs and ammunition. We also do not transport paint, oil and any other substance that has a high risk of damaging your items. You will find a detailed list of items that we do not remove in our site. You can request for the list as well as our terms and conditions.

Do I organize for parking?

We do not pay any parking fines incurred during removal. They are added to the final bill of our client. So, if there is any restriction on parking in your current or new home, it is your responsibility to contact the local council authority of the locations involved so that parking will be organized for you. However, we can assist you by providing information on how much space and time that will be needed for the removal to be executed.

How much time should I give the removal company?

As it mentioned, it is advisable that you book for removal weeks ahead of the stipulated removal date. One to two weeks’ notice is OK for us. But, as experienced movers to France from the UK, we are able to handle emergence or ad hoc booking. However, it will cost you more money. You should book your removal only when you have completed the deal of your new home. This means that you can only book for your removal services when your new home is ready for living. All reconstruction or home improvement works should have been completed unless you want to keep your property in storage facility.

Does your team dismantle and reassembly my furniture?

The members of our team are trained to handle such services. They are very proficient at handling furniture of various types. However, they can only dismantle and reassembly your furniture if such services are included in the quote. But if dismantling and reassembling services are not included in the quote, you have to do that and have everything ready before our arrival. If you need such services, it is important that you mention it before a final quote is presented to you. Besides, it will also enable us to get ready for the services and come with all the required tools.

Should I empty or leave my drawers full?

It all depends on the items in the drawer as well as on the type of drawer. If you want to pack items in them, you should ensure that no breakable items or heavy items are packed in them. There are some types of drawer or furniture that are not easy to remove. It is advisable that you leave such drawer or furniture empty. You can leave beddings on your bed or your clothes in a removal wardrobe only if such pieces of furniture are strong. Removals to France recommends moving chest of drawers, bookcase, wardrobes empty.

Must I hire packing services?

Though, we offer packing services but we do not compel our clients to hire our removals and packing services. If you wish and you are able to neatly pack your items, you can do that by yourself. However, you should ensure that you use the right moving boxes and that the boxes are properly labels and sealed for safe delivery and easy unpacking. If you do not properly seal the boxes, it will be difficult for the boxes to be loaded unto the van. Besides, some insurance companies do not pay for claims and damages that result from poor packing. If you are not sure about the right boxes and packing materials required, let us know and we will provide them to you.

When will the moving van arrive?

Given that our work normally starts between 6 to 8 am, we will be at your premise between 8:30 and 9:00am if untrammelled by exigencies of life. If you are relocating to a far distance that requires special timing, we have to discuss with you to determine the right time to arrive at your current premise. Unforeseen circumstances of life may delay the arrival. But we have always aimed at arriving on or before the agreed time.

Do I need a contract for the removal service?

Removal services are very crucial and thus require contracts even if agreement was reached online or via telephone calls. Any serious and reliable house movers to France from UK will always require a contract. Before you sign any contract, make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions of the services. Do not sign any contract if you don't understand anything in the terms and conditions of the services. Ensure that the moving date and time on the contract is the same with the ones agreed on before the contract. Confirm the cost to ensure that it tallies with what is stipulated on the quote.

Should the removal company visit my house before providing me with a quote?

Yes, it is important for a removal company to visit your house before providing you with house removal costs to France from the UK, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland. This will enable the company to provide accurate quote. By visiting your home, the company representative will evaluate your properties or items to be move, their volume, weight and also the suitability of packing boxes and materials for the various items. In this way, there will be no problem on the pricing during the removal day. Their coming to their house will also give you the opportunity to get a feel of what their services will look like. If you are not happy with their attitude and their behaviours towards you that day, you should consider other options because it is an indication that they will not satisfy you.

Will the team of packers disconnect my electrical appliances and cooker for moving?

No, our team of packers will not carry out such work because they are meant to be carried out by qualified trade’s person. However, we can offer such services if it is included in the terms and conditions. We have a team of professionals that handle various mechanical or electrical works. If it is not included in the terms and condition and they decide to help you do that, our business will not be held responsible if any damages occur.

What types of moving services to France from the UK are available?

As it has been mentioned above, we customize our cheap moving services to France to suit the needs of our clients. But generally, we offer full pack, part pack and removal services. The full pack service takes care of the packing of all items and unpacking them (if required) in your new home. The part packing service involves the packing of only some of the items as requested by the clients. The remaining items are packed by the client himself. The removal service is the transportation of all boxes including furniture. There are other additional services such as storage, rubbish removal, cleaning services and others.

I got a removal quote that is far cheaper, what is the reason for the big margin in price?

Some removal companies offer quotes with lots of hidden charges. So, you have to double check the quote to ensure that it covers all you want them to do. If it covers everything, ask for a written contract that stipulates the price and all that will be done. From experience, most of such companies will begin to withdraw their quotes or add the hidden costs if they are asked to prepare a contract stating all that should be done. So, be careful.

Is it OK for me to use a man and van service?

There is no problem with man and van services for small moves to France. But, you have to take time in researching the company to ensure that the company is highly reliable. However, man and van services are not suitable for large 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms house removals to France because their vehicles will not be suitable for such moves. For such moves, you will require the services of good removal companies with at least 7,5 ton or 17 ton removal van.

I was asked for upfront payment by a removal company, is there anything wrong with that?

There is nothing wrong with that There are other companies that demand for part payment just to secure the service but the full payment must be made before the delivery.

How can I cut removal cost to France from UK?

One of the ways of cutting moving cost is to avoid Friday move. This is because many people normally fix their move on Fridays. Since Friday is the peak period, UK to France removal companies charge higher during that day of the week. But they charge lesser during the mid-week since they get fewer jobs on that day. So, you can cut cost by fixing your move date on a mid-week. Another means of cutting cost, is to do the packing by you. If you are packing by yourself, you can save on the cost of packing materials by sourcing for boxes from supermarkets. Most supermarkets throw away the cartons of their orders. They will be willing to offer you that free of charge. You can also save money by shopping around and that is getting quotes from various companies and choosing the best deal.

Should I tip the removal crew?
It is compulsory to tip the crew. But if you are satisfied with their services, you can show appreciation by tipping them. They will also be happy to receive such appreciation from you.

The above are some of the frequently asked questions from our clients including prospective clients. If you don't find question or any answer that takes care of your worry from the list, you should contact our support immediately for assistance.

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